Bronze Disc Burner

Bronze Disc Burner

CD/DVD Burning Tool

Bronze Disc Burner is a Windows-based software application designed to let you burn data of any kind to discs, either CD or DVD. This software is an ideal tool for creating CD or DVD backup files, burning video and audio files, creating photo discs and more.

Bronze Disc Burner is a powerful software program that is easy to use. With a simple and clean interface, first time users will not have a hard time operating this software.

The features of this software make it a dependable all-around burning tool for recording data to CD, DVD and even Blu-ray discs. This software supports Blu-ray, HD-DVDs, DVDs, DDCDs, and CDs of any kind, both recordable and rewritable.

Also, Bronze Disc Burner enables you to create bootable discs, ISO compatible discs, MP3 discs, DVD videos or just create a copy of another disc.

You can also create a UDF-compatible data CD or DVD disc with the help of this tool. Hardware compatibility is not an issue with this software, as it supports most SCSI, IDE, EIDE, and USB CD/DVD drives.